I am a college graduate and an avid reader who really enjoys paranormal novels - I find them to be the most exciting.  I believe in artistic freedom so I tend not to criticize authors on their writing style or for the story they've created.  I hate negative reviews and reviewers that think they're warding potential readers from reading a book that he or she (the reviewer) didn't like personally.  Every reader has a different opinion and what one person hates, another may enjoy.

With that said, in my reviews I try to give an unbiased opinion on books and I try to tell readers what they may or may not like about a particular book.  There will never be anything like "I hate this book, therefore you will hate this book - don't read it."  I usually talk about what I liked about the book and the affect it had on me so that readers take enough interest in it to read and judge for themselves.  Whether or not the reviewer truly loved or hated the book is pretty irrelevant - the focus is on what others may enjoy and maybe a warning on a cliffhanger.  I just really want people to read anything and everything and give all books a chance.  No negative reviews.

In my reviews I include a small, non-spoilery snippet so that readers get a taste of the writing style.  Once I've posted a review, I announce it on Twitter here and include the authors Twitter name (if they have one).  I love spreading the word on books I've read and their authors.  I also love hearing about people reading and loving a book they never would have picked up if I had not mentioned it.  It makes me feel like I'm helping to broaden their reading scope and widen the authors fan base.

I try to keep up to date with news on authors and their books and help share that information with anyone interested.  On the blog there is a News section and Contests section to keep people informed of the latest happenings.  Everything is announced via Twitter.

I'm still working on catching up on my reviews since creating the new blog.  I should be caught up soon so that I can resume my reading.